Camino de Santiago, Pt 2

In the first blog post, I talked about the importance of the people I met during the Camino walk but closely behind that were the amazing sights that I saw when walking for 5 weeks. For several reasons (people waking up in the dorm at 0530 was one!), I was up and walking almost every morning by 0630. While not my normal modus operandi, it did allow for some spectacular sunrises and misty mornings. 

Early morning sunburst while walking the Camino
  Prayer flags during sunrise on the Camino

The sunrise above a fog bank in the valley below

The moon setting while the sun is rising on the Camino

There were a lot of beautiful sunrises but we also experienced some nice sunsets!
The sun setting behind a pilgrim artwork

The sun setting with pink skies on the camino

The sun setting behind the cathedral at Burgos

Not only did we have great sunrises and sunsets, we had a lot of beautiful flowers as we were right in the middle of Spring!

A field of rapeseed flowers on the camino

A field of poppies mixed with rapeseed on the Camino

Some orange and green plants on the Camino (don't know what they were, like the colors!)

Lastly the Camino trail itself was beautiful, especially when you could see it stretch off to the horizon. 
The Camino trail stretches off through the fields

Some walkers in the early morning mist on the Camino

Huge eucalyptus trees dwarf a walker on the Camino

One of the more beautiful paths on the Camino

Well, that's a wrap for this second blog post on the Camino. Next week I'll do a final blog post on my adventures walking the Camino. It will be more of a catch-all  of different items experienced that didn't fit in the first two blog posts. Thanks for stopping by!!


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