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Camino de Santiago, Pt 3!

In this final blog post about the Camino de Santiago, I'm just going to cover a few things that didn't fit neatly in the first two blog posts. This is more of a hodgepodge of interesting details that I wanted to share about the walk and things experienced that are still in my mind.
One of the most defining experiences on the Camino is the dormitory living.  At many stops along the way, there are dormitories just for the pilgrims. The prices average around 10 euro a night and many times they are in the old city center next to the cathedral. Incredible locations at incredible prices! While the accommodations vary from 6 person dorm rooms to open bays for 200 people, it was always an interesting experience, especially when you had a heavy snorer sleeping right next to you! Here a few of the different dorms that I stayed in.

This was the first dormitory, a place that holds 180+ people. It was easy sleeping as the first day is generally considered the hardest

This dorm was much more…

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